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Government to review industry-led panel recommendations on media convergence


    The Media Convergence Review Panel has completed its review on the impact of media convergence on consumers, industry and society, and submitted its recommendations to the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).  The panel has examined a wide range of issues, including content regulation, measures to enhance the vibrancy of local content, online copyright challenges and media licensing.

2    Media convergence has drastically changed the way content is delivered and how consumers access content.  With high-speed broadband connection and portable Internet-enabled devices, consumers can now access media content across geographic boundaries, anytime, anywhere and however they want it.

3    Given the impact of media convergence, the Government appointed a Media Convergence Review Panel in March 2012 to study the issues impacting consumers, industry and society in a converged media environment, and to make recommendations on how to address the emerging challenges. The objectives of the review are to support industry growth, empower and protect consumers, and foster a cohesive and inclusive society. The panel was chaired by Mr Koh Boon Hwee, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Nanyang Technological University, and comprised prominent individuals representing a diversity of expertise, views and interests (please refer to Annex A for the composition of the panel.)

MCI to review the recommendations

4    The Government will carefully study the panel’s recommendations and will issue a response when it has completed its study.   

5    The Ministry would like to express its appreciation to the Chairman Mr Koh, and his panel of prominent members for their invaluable contribution in formulating the report and recommendations. It is indeed timely and relevant for the Ministry to embark on a review of the policy and regulatory frameworks governing the media sector to ensure that we continue to support the growth of the media sector while protecting consumer and societal interests in this new and challenging media landscape.  Many of these issues are complex and challenging, and the government will carefully review the wide-ranging views expressed by the panel members.

6    The panel’s full report can be viewed here.          


The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)
28 November 2012


Annex A

Composition of the Media Convergence Review Panel

1)    Mr Koh Boon Hwee, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Nanyang Technological University – Chairman of Media Convergence Review Panel;

2)    Mr Chang Long Jong, Deputy CEO, MediaCorp Pte Ltd;

3)    Mr Patrick Daniel, Editor-in-Chief, English & Malay Newspapers, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd;

4)    Mr Goh Seow Eng, Managing Director, NextGen TV, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd;

5)    Dr Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director, INSEAD eLab;

6)    Ms Ann Lavin, Head, Policy & Government Affairs, Google Southeast Asia;

7)    Mr Gregory Lee, President & CEO, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd;

8)    Mr Gilbert Leong, Partner, Intellectual Property & Technology, Rodyk & Davidson LLP;

9)    Mr Charles Lim Aeng Cheng, Parliamentary Counsel, Legislation and Law Reform Division, Attorney-General’s Chambers;

10)   Mr Ganesh Rajaram, Senior Vice President, Asia, International Distribution and Home Entertainment, FremantleMedia Enterprises;

11)   Mr Viswa Sadasivan, CEO, Strategic Moves Pte Ltd; and

12)   Mr Tan Tong Hai, COO, StarHub Ltd.

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