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Building a Vibrant and Secure Digital Future Together

Committee of Supply 2022

  • Building a Vibrant and Secure Digital Future Together

    With Digital shaping the way we live, learn, work and play, the Ministry of Communications and Information has outlined plans to build a cyber secure, economically vibrant, and socially stable Singapore at the Committee of Supply (COS) 2022 debates.

    Harnessing opportunities in digital while managing risks will be critical to the success and survival of Singapore. To enable this, MCI partners other government agencies and stakeholders, local and international. We are putting in place various building blocks, including digital infrastructure, regulations, security, and capabilities.

    MCI will also promote greater digital empowerment and wellness, enable Singapore enterprises and Singaporeans to realise the rich potential of digital and invest in digital infrastructure, research and innovation, and digital diplomacy.

    We look forward to partnering all Singaporeans to build a vibrant and secure digital future together!

    Read MCI’s Press Release here.

    MCI COS Infographic

  • Building a Vibrant and Secure Digital Future Together

    Digital technologies are a part of our daily lives, but a digital future can be daunting as well.

    MCI envisions Singapore’s digital future to be economically vibrant, socially stable, and cyber secure. We will ensure our people can reap the benefits and rewards of technology, while safeguarding our safety and security.

    To harness the full potential of the digital domain, MCI will:

    • Enhance regulations in the digital domain to better protect ourselves and our loved ones, and to strengthen digital security and resilience; and
    • Sustain and deepen engagement of every Singaporean in the digital era, to preserve and enhance social cohesion.

    Find out more here:
    Speech by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information

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  • Enriching and Empowering Our People through Digital

    Accessing and meaningfully engaging with technology is key to a high quality of life today.

    MCI will ensure that individuals are equipped to take charge of their digital future, and work with community partners to build a digitally empowered society.

    To strengthen digital empowerment and wellness for our citizens, MCI will continue to:

    • Provide basic digital access and adoption to those who require assistance in starting their digital journey;
    • Promote learning and mastery of digital skills that will enable Singaporeans to seize opportunities in the digital economy; and
    • Prepare our people, especially vulnerable communities, to recognise and respond to risks in the digital domain.


    Find out more here: Speech by Ms Rahayu Mahzam, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Information.

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  • Enabling Businesses and Workers

    Going digital helped our businesses deal with workplace uncertainties, supply chain disruptions, travel restrictions and many other issues, while ensuring that operations continued to run smoothly, and orders were met.
    MCI will work with our partners so that more businesses and workers can access growth opportunities in the Digital Economy.
    To sustain the digital momentum, MCI will:
    • Provide businesses, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), with the tools and support to transform digitally; and
    • Nurture a future-ready workforce with the qualifications and skills to get into good jobs in the tech sector, and progress in their careers.

    Find out more here:
    Speech by Mr Tan Kiat How, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information

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