The digital economy is the next phase of growth for Singapore and the infocomm media and design sectors are key engines to support it. We will continue to develop manpower capabilities, prepare our workforce for technological changes, and ensure that Singapore and Singaporeans are ready for the digital future. This year, our key focus will be to help companies build strong digital capabilities.

Building digital-ready companies

To enable the digital transformation of the Singapore economy, it is important to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which form the bedrock of our economy, embrace digital technologies. Amidst the fast-paced technological changes and increasing sophistication of ICT solutions today, we will provide dedicated assistance to our SMEs to support them on their digital journey. DSC08047

Leveraging data for the digital economy

The Committee on the Future Economy has recommended that the Government look into supporting the deepening of data analytics capabilities and leveraging data as an asset to solve challenging real-world problems. The Government will take lead in transforming our operations digitally and work with our agencies and industry players to conduct research and develop capabilities. We will also continue to create opportunities for businesses and Singaporeans to participate in data science effectively. DSC07974

Strengthening community bonds

Technology has endless possibilities and will bring benefits to the way we work, live and play. In the digital future, technology will connect us to information and new experiences. Technology also strengthens our government communication efforts and aid us in reaching out to all Singaporeans. Through our digital inclusion efforts, we also ensure that no one is left behind in this digital journey. DSC07354

Building a digital-ready workforce

The digital economy brings about fast-paced changes, and new technologies will always require new skillsets. We continue to work with industry partners to develop a capable, future-ready workforce for the digital economy. DSC07889