To Honour and Inspire


The Digital Participation Pledge Awards is the nation’s highest accolade for organisations who champion the digital readiness movement. It aims to provide recognition to Singapore-based organisations who exemplify the spirit of corporate citizenship, digital readiness and empower employees and customers to embrace the digital future.


Private, people and public organisations play an important role in building a digitally inclusive society. Every small effort matters. The Digital Participation Pledge (DPP) encourages organisations from these sectors to take action to help their employees, their customers, their stakeholders and the community to be digitally ready so that everyone can tap on the opportunities afforded by technology to improve their quality of life.


The Digital Participation Pledge Awards will be given out together with the SG:D Techblazer Awards at the Singapore Tech Industry Gala Night on 5 November 2019. The event will celebrate organisations who are at the forefront of tech innovation and honour organisations that have been playing an active role in fostering digital readiness among Singaporeans.



Award Categories & Judging

Two Award Categories

  • Large Organisations (200 and more employees) 
  • Small and Medium Sized Organisations (< 200 employees)

Submission will be judged based on 4 judging criteria:

Judging Criteria Weightage
Impact of the initiative
Organisation Engagement (level of participation by management and staff) 30%
Sustainability of project 20%
Innovation 20%

Preliminary Judging

  • Preliminary judging will be done by MCI and IMDA to select the shortlisted nominations for each category.
  • Organisations with shortlisted nominations may be contacted for video interviews.

Final Judging

  • Shortlisted nominees will be invited to make a presentation of their initiative to an esteemed panel of judges for the final judging in September 2019.
  • The presentation is mandatory to provide the panel of judges a deeper understanding of the initiative for selection of finalists.

Prize Ceremony

  • Organisations with shortlisted nominations will be invited to attend the prize ceremony which will be held on 5 November 2019.
  • Details of the ceremony will be provided to the shortlisted participants through email.

Submission Requirements

Share Your Story to Inspire and Cultivate the Digital Readiness Spirit in Others!

The initiative should be aligned with the Digital Participation Pledge principles:

  • Equipping employees / students / members with digital skills;
  • Educating customers / clients / stakeholders on the use of their digital services;
  • Offering and designing their digital services to be inclusive and safe; and
  • Volunteering or giving resources to support digital-readiness efforts


Other Requirements


  • The closing date for award submissions has been extended to 6 September 2019, 2359 hours and submissions must meet all criteria to be eligible.
  • Award submissions must be completed in English.
  • The Digital Participation Pledge Awards is open to local and Singapore-based organisations that have taken the Digital Participation Pledge.
  • The Digital Participation Awards is open to organisations from the private, public and people sectors.
  • Majority of the initiatives described in the nomination should be implemented within Singapore.
  • Award submissions should describe an initiative that is being implemented in 2019 and would have started implementation by 1 June 2019.
  • An organisation may submit one or more nominations for the Awards.
  • Entries submitted this year may be re-submitted next year if the project was not selected as the finalists for the 2019 Awards, subject to the prevailing criteria.

How To Make An Award Submission

    The submission for the Digital Participation Awards has closed on 6 September 2019, 2359 hours.