Parliament Sitting on 7 November 2017


*22. Mr Leon Perera: To ask the Minister for Communications and Information (a) which entity owns the copyright to the video recordings of parliamentary proceedings; and (b) if these video records are protected by copyright, whether the Ministry will consider removing such copyright and making all video footage of parliamentary proceedings freely available for use.


Mr Speaker, Mediacorp, as Singapore’s national broadcaster, is commissioned by the Government to cover Parliamentary sittings on various platforms, including free-to-air TV, Channel NewsAsia (CNA)’s Parliament microsite and CNA's Facebook page.  

2 The public can use the recordings for personal and non-commercial purposes with proper attribution to Mediacorp.  This practice is consistent with well-accepted online etiquette, and the arrangement has worked well so far.  Mediacorp's recordings have been regularly used by social media sites as well as political parties, including the Workers’ Party.