20. Miss Cheng Li Hui:
To ask the Minister for Communications and Information (a) what are the engagement and outreach activities conducted by the Cyber Security Agency since its creation in 2015; (b) what is the target audience of the agency's public outreach programmes; and (c) whether there are plans to increase the agency's public outreach programmes in light of the recent string of cybersecurity-related incidents.



         In cyberspace, our defences are only as strong as our weakest link. Cybersecurity is hence a collective responsibility shared by the Government, private sector, individuals and the community.

2          To enable this, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has conducted various targeted engagement and outreach efforts to members of the public, enterprises and students, to promote cybersecurity awareness and the adoption of good cybersecurity practices.

3          Every year, CSA runs nationwide cybersecurity awareness campaigns to highlight the importance of cybersecurity, and provide cyber hygiene tips. These include conducting roadshows in the heartlands, and talks in schools and community centres. The 2018 cybersecurity awareness campaign, called “Cyber Tips 4 You”, promoted four cyber hygiene practices: (1) use a strong password and two-factor authentication; (2) use antivirus software; (3) update software as soon as possible; and (4) watch out for signs of phishing.

4          In addition, a Cyber Savvy vending machine has been making its rounds at the public libraries since November 2018. Library-goers can learn about good cybersecurity practices and win a small gift by attempting a quiz. More than 60,000 quiz attempts have been recorded so far. CSA will deploy more machines for outreach in community, commercial and school settings.

5          The Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCERT) also issues advisories to alert the public and enterprises on cyber threats, and provides advice on remediation and preventive measures. Members of the public and enterprises can sign-up for advisories at

6          Specific
to enterprises, CSA has developed publicly available cybersecurity resources, such as the Be Safe Online Handbook, which outlines steps that enterprises should take to strengthen their cyber defences and enhance digital risk management.

7          School-going youth are also an important target group, to establish good cyber hygiene practices from an early age. For example, CSA has collaborated with the Personal Data Protection Commission to produce a series of Cyber Safety activity books, which has benefited four cohorts of Primary 5 students, with more than 200,000 copies distributed. Also, with the support of the Ministry of Education, CSA has developed a Cybersecurity Awareness Skit, which is expected to reach about 24,000 students at close to 40 secondary schools.

8          Even as the Government continues to do more to create a safer cyberspace, organisations and individuals must take responsibility for their own cybersecurity. Everyone has a part to play in safeguarding our digital domain.