Parliament Sitting on 3 March 2020 


*2. Mr Leon Perera: To ask the Minister for Communications and Information whether the Government plays a role in determining or influencing the determination of senior management appointments in local mainstream media organisations, namely, Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings and, if so, what is that role.  


Our local mainstream media organisations are commercial entities, accountable to their shareholders. Like other private sector companies, decisions on senior management appointments are made by the Board and management of Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings.  

2. To prevent media organisations from being influenced or manipulated by foreign interests, legislative safeguards regulate foreign ownership and some appointments in these organisations.  Under the Broadcasting Act, the appointment of the chief executive officer, chairman and directors of the board of a broadcasting company requires approval from the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA).  The CEO and at least half the directors must be Singapore citizens, unless IMDA otherwise approves. The Newspaper and Printing Presses Act requires that newspaper company directors must also be Singapore citizens.

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