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    Building Resilient Infrastructure

    Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) are computer systems that help provide essential services such as water, energy and banking to businesses and homes. The government works with key stakeholders such as private sector CII operators and the cybersecurity community to strengthen these systems against cyber threats.


    1. Cyber attacks worldwide are growing in frequency and sophistication, and have targeted systems in power plants, transportation networks and hospitals. A successful attack could lead to significant disruptions to these services, the economy and even loss of life.

    2. As one of the most digitally connected nations in the world, Singapore relies significantly on IT and the Internet.  It is also a financial and business hub. This makes us an attractive target for cyber criminals.


    1. Enhance the protection of essential services from cyber threats by implementing a CII Protection Programme that includes establishing robust risk management processes and adopting security by design.
    2. Improve capability to respond to cyber threats by enhancing national cyber situational awareness and conducting regular multi-sector exercises. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and several financial institutions participated in the first exercise in May 2015.

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    Strengthening International Partnerships

    Cybersecurity is a global issue, as threats do not respect sovereign boundaries with jurisdictional gaps being exploited by cyber-attackers. Cyber attacks against one country can spill over to another due to interdependencies in the trade and finance markets. Singapore is committed to strong international collaboration in cybersecurity for collective global security.


    1. Work closely with international and ASEAN partners to strengthen platforms and procedures for cyber incident reporting and response, such as through organising the annual ASEAN CERT Incident Drill.
    2. Partner the international community to organise workshops and seminars on capacity building. An ASEAN Cyber Capacity Programme will be established in 2017 to complement existing initiatives.

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