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    Enhance the capabilities and professionalism of design practitioners

    Design practitioners and companies are always looking for ideas and inspiration to create innovative works.


    To help them achieve the goal, DesignSingapore Council offers grants and programmes that enable skill enhancements, learning and collaborations with international designers, trade and profile exposure at global design platforms. Here are the programmes:

    Design Collaboration Assistance
    The scheme encourages design companies to develop (in partnership with a manufacturer, retailer or distributor) new intellectual property with the potential for commercialisation.

    Industry Association Development Assistance
    The scheme supports the design industry associations in programmes that strengthen design and business capabilities, raise design standards and promote the design sector.

    Design Accreditation
    The initiative raises the professional standards of design practitioners, as the demand for design services increases in a maturing Singapore economy.

    DesignSingapore Scholarship
    The Scholarship is for individuals with creativity, drive and passion for design, and who aspire to be leaders in the field of their design training.

    President’s Design Award
    The award is Singapore’s highest honour given to designers and designs from all design disciplines. It recognises their contributions and achievements in making a difference to the lives of Singaporeans, as well as the global community.

    SkillsFuture Study Award
    The Award supports early- to mid-career Singaporeans in developing and deepening specialist skills for the country’s future economic growth, and in meeting the needs of society.

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    Encourage businesses to adopt design

    Businesses understand the value of design as a strategic differentiator and are increasingly using design to improve their processes, products and services.

    Grants & Schemes

    Here are the schemes to help achieve better productivity and performance:

    Design Innovation Assistance
    The scheme supports Singapore enterprises in adopting design for service innovation with the objective of enhancing business competitiveness, and creating differentiated experiences, better products.

    Productivity & Innovation Credit for Investments in Design
    The scheme provides tax deductions for investments in activities on the innovation value chain. It is an incentive for pervasive and continuous design innovation.

    Market Access Assistance
    The objective of the scheme is to internationalise Singapore design businesses via trade and profile platforms here and elsewhere.

    Design Thinking & Innovation Academy
    Human-centred design is to be empathetic with the user, and to place users’ needs at the heart of a process of innovation. Design thinking provides a deeper understanding of people’s needs and desires, so that products, services, experiences and processes have greater pertinence to end-users.

    Asian Insights and Design Innovation
    There are two schemes. The first is Sectoral Innovation and Transformation, which encourages collaboration between Singapore companies to identify solutions. The second is Public Services Transformation, which helps to kick-start innovation using design, with the objective of improving citizen engagement and delivery of public services.

    This is a workshop series for pre-schoolers, parents and early-childhood educators on building awareness in sensory-based experiences. The objective is to encourage creativity in children.

    You can read more about them here

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    National Design Centre: Home to DesignSingapore Council

    The National Design Centre (NDC) is a nexus for all things design. Here, designers and businesses can meet to exchange ideas, network and seek assistance from DesignSingapore Council.


    Since opening in 2014, the NDC has been the venue for talks, forums, workshops, exhibitions, networking sessions and training in design thinking for SMEs, designers, design companies and government agencies.

    The NDC also hosts community engagement activities organised by DesignSingapore Council, with the objective of building awareness and appreciation for design.

    Amenities at NDC include the design galleries, auditorium, PIXEL Labs @ NDC, Prototyping Lab @ NDC, Materials Design Lab, a retail store and café.

    National Design Centre
    111 Middle Road
    Singapore 188969
    Opening hours: 9am–9pm daily
    Admission: Free

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