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Digital Defence

Digital Defence is one of the six pillars of Total Defence, to guard against threats from the digital domain.

  • Why Digital Defence?

    Singapore is an open and connected city-state. As individuals, we are constantly connected through online networks.  

    New threats from the digital domain can breach data systems and threaten social cohesion. We must evolve our skills and instincts to defend ourselves.


  • Be Secure

    Individuals and businesses can be secure by practising good cybersecurity habits to safeguard data and devices.

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  • Be Alert

    We can be alert by being vigilant against disinformation or fake news that aim to manipulate. 


    For more information, visit S.U.R.E.

  • Be Responsible

    We can be responsible by being mindful when producing or sharing content which may impact our community. 

    Fake news are becoming increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, and they can be difficult to detect. If we think that a piece of information may be untrue, we can play our part in not propagating fake news by not posting or forwarding it.

    For more information, visit Media Literacy Council.

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  • Total Defence

    Digital Defence is one of the six pillars of Total Defence. 

    6 shields

    Total Defence is a recognition that every individual has a role to play in defending Singapore and keeping Singapore strong. 

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