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    Ensuring resilient and robust infocomm infrastructure

    As telecom services (e.g. cellular mobile and fibre broadband) become an increasingly essential part of our lives, consumers and businesses increasingly expect better coverage, reliability and speed. In addition, Singapore is aiming to become the world’s first Smart Nation, underpinned by a high-speed, trusted and resilient infocomm infrastructure. In view of this, MCI works with IMDA on policies targeted at enhancing the resiliency and robustness of telecom systems and services.


    Ensure that our infocomm infrastructure continues to be effective and reliable, even as infocomm usage grows.    


    Regularly review the regulatory measures in place to augment the resiliency and robustness of Singapore’s infocomm infrastructure (such as IMDA’s Code of Practice for Telecom Service Resiliency and Quality of Service standards), and to address technological changes and consumer demand.

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