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    Developing next generation libraries

    Create inclusive spaces that allow diverse communities to learn together and share their joy for reading and learning.


    Building next generation libraries

    The government has made significant investments to build differentiated library spaces that cater to Singaporeans’ diverse reading and learning habits. These include:

    Physical upgrades such as:

    • Silent corners for readers seeking a quiet retreat
    • Interactive reading spaces for toddlers, teachers and parents that curate Early Literacy book collections
    • Collaborative spaces to facilitate social learning and tinkering in Pixel Labs

    Digital upgrades such as:

    • Enhanced mobile app to allow users to check out books on their phones and maintain their personal profiles
    • Digital storytelling stations, gaming stations and video walls for more multi-sensory experiences
    • A larger e-book database 


    1. Revamp library spaces to meet the needs of our growing population
    2. Cater to the unique preferences and habits of different audiences
    3. Upgrade digital resources to deliver more engaging and personalised experiences


    1. Optimise the use of library spaces through re-designing and re-locating libraries to shopping malls to reach more residents.
    2. Create social spaces for interactive reading and quieter areas for solitary reading.
    3. Provide digital resources that are interactive and personalised to encourage multi-sensory learning.

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    Developing a wealth of resources on Singapore-related content

    Give Singaporeans access to a wealth of national history resources to inspire them to participate in building Singapore.


    The National Library (NL) and the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) play an important role in safe-keeping records on Singapore history. NL is a premier resource centre on works about Singapore and the region. It has about 1 million books, manuscripts, newspaper issues, letters and so on, published in and about Singapore.

    Complementing NL, NAS safeguards government records including government files, photos, plans and maps, speeches and oral history records that document our nation-building journey. Together, NL and NAS hold a collection of over 10 million items. To facilitate greater access to its rich holdings, NLB launched the OneSearch portal which allows users to search across library, archives and museum databases simultaneously.


    1. Maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of national history resources
    2. Meet the rising demand for Singapore content


    1. Build partnerships with relevant institutions and individuals to acquire holdings or collections of national interest
    2. Accelerate the digitisation of physical materials to make content more discoverable and accessible online

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    Promoting literacy skills and love for lifelong learning

    Equip Singaporeans to develop literacy skills and love for learning to navigate today’s increasingly complex information landscape at various stages of life.


    Programmes to inspire learning communities

    NLB also hosts programmes that fuel Singaporeans’ love for learning. These include:

    • Early Literacy programmes for parents and caregivers to read to preschoolers
    • Reading clubs for youths, adults and seniors
    • Annual READ!Festival featuring many weeks of reading, talks and workshops
    • Exhibitions that promote our history and culture as well as inspiring speakers and their literary works


    1. Encourage the early development of literacy skills in pre-schoolers before they enter primary school.
    2. Inspire a love for reading and lifelong learning among Singaporeans.
    3. Nurture a citizenry that consumes information responsibly and discerningly.


    1. Equip parents and educators to engage pre-schoolers to develop a love for reading.
    2. Provide resources and activities that engage various audiences in reading and learning—from the young to the elderly.
    3. Provide complimentary resources, guides and training on information literacy.

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