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    Communicating policies to the public

    MCI ensures that policies are communicated clearly, and Singaporeans understand how they will benefit from them. Examples of policies we have communicated include: Pioneer Generation Package, Medishield Life and retirement planning.

    Coordinating Government communications

    We work with government agencies to make sure that government communications are clear and coordinated. This could range from ensuring clarity in messages, to making sure that communications efforts are not duplicated. 

    Amplifying Government messages

    To ensure that government messages reach the people who will benefit from them, we work to amplify announcements through multiple channels. This involves putting together an integrated marketing communications programme that includes above-the-line and below-the-line activities.  

    Right channels to reach the right people

    Everyone consumes information through different channels. To ensure that our messages reach the right people at the right time, we are using data and analytics to inform our communications approaches. 

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    Inform and engage Singaporeans on national and social issues

    Our work involves keeping the public informed and engaged, on challenges Singapore faces, what the government is doing to address them, and how the public can play a part.

    Keeping Singaporeans informed

    We use a range of offline and online channels to keep Singaporeans informed. is our main online vehicle, and we use it to provide public with information on Government’s major announcements. Besides visiting the website, public can also choose to get updates by following on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

    Keeping Singaporeans engaged

    We actively engage Singaporeans to understand their views on national and social issues. We do this through roadshows, dialogue sessions, and also online, through the REACH portal.

    Promoting an active citizenry

    Through public consultations, Singaporeans can have a say in shaping public policies. We help government policy makers gather public feedback on proposed changes to existing laws or policies before they are implemented. 

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