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    Enhancing communications through effective translations

    The National Translation Committee (NTC) oversees all the plans to enhance whole-of-government translation capabilities and see to improvements across the board for the industry.

    Raising translation standards

    Create a collaborative platform among the public, private and people sectors to promote and raise translation standards. 

    The National Translation Committee (NTC) was formed by the Ministry of Communications & Information (MCI) on 1 March 2014 to oversee short-term and long-term plans to enhance whole-of-government translation capabilities, and see to improvements across the industry. It is a collaborative effort involving the public, private and people sectors to address translation-related issues.

    The NTC is made up of members from the media, academia, the translation industry, as well as government representatives. The committee is chaired by Mr Tan Kiat How, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of National Development, and Ministry of Communications and Information. You can view the list of members here

    The National Translation Committee will:

    • Promote best practices among public sector agencies on procuring/producing translation.
    • Create a collaboration platform among the public, private and people sector, to promote and raise translation standards
    • Nurture the next generation of translation talents for Singapore

    The NTC also works alongside three Resource Panels (RP), namely the Chinese RP, Malay RP and Tamil RP. The resource panels will provide expert advice on specific translation problems. Read more about the Resource Panels members here.

    The Resource Panels will:

    • Assist and support the implementation of the National Translation Committee’s initiatives, aimed at raising translation standards for the particular language; and
    • Help standardise the translations of terms in the official languages in Singapore, and to advise on the appropriateness of terms in the official languages adopted by the media and government agencies.

    As part of the NTC’s efforts to raise translation standards in Singapore, the Community-in-Translation initiative was launched in 2016 to reach out and engage the community through translation-related activities.

    Members of the public are also invited to provide ideas and feedback on the NTC by emailing

    Promoting best practices

    Promote best practices among public sector on producing and procuring translation services. 

    The Whole-of-Government Period Contract and Framework Agreement for Translation Services was introduced on 7 May 2015. This framework provides a list of translation vendors who have been evaluated for quality and price competitiveness. With this framework, government agencies will be able to procure quality translations at a fair rate with a quicker turn-around time.

    Together with the NTC, MCI’s Translation Department has set up the Government Terms Translated Database. It enables agencies, translation companies and the public to leverage on this database of standardised translations of government policy-related terms in the four official languages. Click here to find out more about Government Terms Translated.

    Nurturing talent

    Nurture the next generation of translation talents in Singapore.

    MCI has introduced the Information Service (Translation) Scholarship in 2015. It aims to identify and groom young Singaporeans who have a strong interest in translation and a deep familiarity with the Singapore context. Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students. Click here for more information on the Information Service (Translation) Scholarship. There are also more opportunities for public officers to do post-graduate or short-term courses to deepen their knowledge and skills related to translation.

    Developing capabilities 

    The Translation Talent Development Scheme (TTDS) was set up in 2018 as a co-sponsorship grant to encourage Singaporean translation and interpretation practitioners from the private sector to further develop their capabilities. Click here for more information on TTDS.  


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    Strengthen Whole-of-Government Crisis Communications Preparedness

    During a national crisis, MCI coordinates public communications across the government to effectively manage and respond to the incident. MCI also works with key ministries and agencies on crisis planning to enhance their processes and approaches towards public communications and information management.

    Timely and accurate Government communications

    Contribute to strengthening Government’s capability to communicate timely and accurate information to the public during national crises to maintain public confidence. 

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