Speech By Mr Yatiman Yusof, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry Of Information, Communications And The Arts, For The Official Launch Of Faces Of Fame - A Perspective By Greg Gorman Photography Exhibition


Good evening,

Mr Taba
Managing Director EPSON

Mr Greg Gorman

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with great pleasure that I participate in the official launch of the "Faces of Fame - A Perspective by Greg Gorman" photo exhibition. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all who have come here today.

epSITE - The First Digital Imaging Gallery in Singapore

2.     The EPSON Imaging Gallery - epSITE is the first digital imaging gallery in Singapore. It has created a space for local digital artists and photographers to showcase their works using EPSON's latest innovative digital imaging technology. The opening showcase in Oct 2003 saw the photographic works by Julian W, a self-made nature lover turned local photographer displayed here at epSITE. EPSON has also made it possible for private works of world renowned photographers to be showcased here. Today we will get a glimpse of glitz and glamour through Greg Gorman's famous portraits of Hollywood stars. Leonardo D Caprio, Robert De Niro, Sir Anthony Hopkins are some of the motion picture celebrities he has photographed.

New Frontiers

3.     epSITE delivers on EPSON's commitment to support the community by nurturing an increased level of awareness of digital photography and imaging art in Singapore. It has created opportunities for local and international photographers and digital artists to convene and share knowledge on digital imaging and possibly lead to future collaborations. In addition to providing a space for display of works on the walls of epSITE, the gallery also holds digital photography workshops and seminars on digital photography and imaging art to drive the interest of Singaporeans within an artistic and trendy environment.

4.     I look forward to more forward-thinking companies, like EPSON, to explore innovative ways for technology and the arts to come together. This can bring about new frontiers not only in artistic expression, but also technological application and design. Imaging and communications technology can also serve to showcase our Singapore artists with other international artists through virtual platforms, accessible to the whole world. For example, the "Circle of Life" exhibition which was just concluded (held from 17 Sep to 31 Oct 04) saw 28 artists from three categories including secondary school students, art colleges/tertiary students and amateur artists exhibiting their work here. Putting them on a virtual platform by leveraging on technology would give more talented Singaporeans another valuable platform and window to the world.


5.     In conclusion, I would like to express my thanks to EPSON, for providing a space to showcase the creative endeavours of digital artists and photographers and for their continual effort to promote digital photography as a form of art. EPSON has also created opportunities for our local digital artists and photographers to interact and collaborate with celebrated photographers like Greg Gorman.

Thank you.

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