Appointment to the Government Information Service



 Mr Janadas Devan, 58, will join the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) as Chief of Government Communications on 1 July 2012. He will coordinate the Government's public communication efforts and lead the Information Service in enhancing its public communication network across the public sector.

 2          Educated at the National University of Singapore and Cornell University (US), Mr Devan taught in various institutions before joining The Straits Times (ST) in 1997. He was the newspaper's leader writer, and columnist on public policy and language, before becoming its review editor in 2008 and an associate editor in 2010. Mr Devan also did a weekly broadcast for Radio Singapore International from 2000 to 2008.

 3          Mr Devan was concurrently appointed as the Director of the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) on 1 July 2011 while he was in ST. He will continue as Director of IPS after joining MICA.

 4          The Information Service supports governance by engaging stakeholders and communicating policies and programmes. The Service draws talent at both entry and senior levels to staff public communication and related departments in Ministries and statutory boards.

27 JUNE 2012

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