Casey Chen’s GO Chicken pendant (top) and $1.50, $2.50 & $3.00 collection by Nathan Yong (bottom) 
Photo credits: Little Thoughts Group

“Makan Time! Tuck in to Good Design” is an exhibition celebrating Singaporeans’ love affair with food. The show is organised by Little Thoughts Group, a collective of product designers. 

Visitors can expect a visual feast of food-inspired products prepared by 18 designers, two of whom are recipients of the President’s Design Award. They give iconic Singaporean food and food culture a unique, contemporary interpretation. Among the exhibits are a chair inspired by fishballs; lights inspired by confectionery such as butter cookies; and a necklace charm inspired by the popular Hainanese chicken rice. 

Till 27 Jan, “Makan Time! Tuck in to good design”, supported by the DesignSingapore Council, is at the Concourse of the National Museum of Singapore. Forum sessions on Saturday, 19 Jan. Full details on exhibition and forum here.

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