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《吃饱没?》 “Eat Already?” will return to Channel 8 on 18 August 2017, Friday, at the same time slot of 12pm to 12.30pm. Along with useful government information, audiences can look forward to spectacular magic effects and dazzling cooking displays in the new season. 

2 Season 3 explores the theme of tenacity and tells the stories of everyday Singaporeans transforming themselves to learn new skills, improve their lives and stay adaptable. New characters will be added, including young budding hawkers Ken and Qi Qi (played by Nick Shen and Felicia Chin) who try to grow their business and improve the coffee shop. Drama ensues when they are struck by a series of unfortunate events that threaten to turn their lives upside down. 

3 Helmed by Singaporean filmmaker Kelvin Tong, this season will feature timely topics relevant to seniors, such as blood pressure management, right-sizing of homes, tips on road safety, water conservation, and learning how to use IT.

4 Fans of the drama series will recognise familiar faces from Season 2, such as Chen Shucheng and Hong Huifang. They can also expect new faces, which will include: Rayson Tan, Zheng Ge Ping, Lin Mei Jiao, Xu Qiong Fang and Zheng Wan Ling.


Photo credits: Tribal Worldwide Singapore 

5 “Seasons 1 and 2 of “Eat Already?” have been well-received by our viewers — thank you for your support! Many thanks to Director Royston Tan, the cast and crew for their hard work in making this show a success. I look forward to Season 3 produced by award-winning Director Kelvin Tong, involving a talented group of actors and media professionals. Hope Singaporeans will continue to enjoy this dialect drama which aims to communicate government policies and initiatives to seniors in a familiar and entertaining way,” said Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information and Health.

6 Director Kelvin Tong also shared why he took on this project. “In an age of youth-centric media, a show aimed at the older demographic like “Eat Already?” is exceedingly rare and meaningful. For me, that's irresistible. It has been a challenging shoot with the tight timeline but it helps that our experienced actors are incredibly talented, doubly so this time as they are working in a tongue they grew up with. We introduced new elements like magic and cooking, and I hope the viewers continue to be entertained and informed.”

7 “MCI is excited to collaborate with local filmmaker Kelvin Tong, who has worked on many community-based projects and is adept at telling our everyday local stories. In Season 3, we worked closely with Kelvin to package timely and relevant information into bite-sized formats and convey them in a relatable manner for seniors to better absorb and remember them,” said Ms Karen Tan, Senior Director of Public Communications Division at the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).

8 “Eat Already?” Season 3 is a collaboration between MCI and Mediacorp, in partnership with Boku Films and Tribal Worldwide. It aims to communicate government information to seniors in a vernacular that they are comfortable and familiar with, in an entertaining format. 

9 Mediacorp’s viewership data showed that Seasons 1 and 2 of “Eat Already?” attracted about 200,000 TV viewers per episode. MCI’s surveys also found that seniors had an increased awareness of government initiatives and support schemes after watching “Eat Already?”, with more than 80% of seniors who watched the show finding government schemes and policies easier to understand.

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