The Minister for Communications and Information has gazetted three publications as prohibited publications under the Undesirable Publications Act. The list of publications can be found at the Annex.

2          All three publications contain exclusivist or extremist religious views that promote enmity among different religious communities, with two publications also purveying divisive views against other groups within the same religion. Such teachings and ideologies are detrimental to Singapore’s inter and intra racial and religious harmony and relations. The Singapore Government has zero tolerance for individuals or publications which aim to incite hostility or violence among different religious groups, and has therefore decided to prohibit these publications.

3          It will be an offence to distribute any of the prohibited publications. It will also be an offence for any person to (a) possess any of the publications or (b) come into possession of any of the publications, but fail to deliver the copy to the Police. Those convicted of an offence could be liable to a fine, imprisonment or both.

4          The prohibition of the three publications will take effect from 21 November 2018. Members of the public who are in possession of these materials should hand them to the Police.


For media clarifications, please contact:

Name: Winston Chai
Designation: Deputy Director, Corporate Communications Division, Ministry of Communications and Information
Contact No: 62510323

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