Parliament Sitting on 5 February 2018


30. Mr Leon Perera: To ask the Minister for Communications and Information whether the Government is actively considering measures to regulate computer or mobile games that may promote elements of gambling.



         There is a wide variety of video games, including those which contain some elements of luck, chance and reward as part of their gameplay. It does not mean they promote gambling.  Hence, we have adopted a risk-based approach in regulating these video games.


2      Under the Remote Gambling Act (RGA), video games which allow players to win money or prizes that can be exchanged for money are generally prohibited. These include games which allow players to convert in-game credits to money or merchandise outside the game.  Physical copies of these games will be disallowed for distribution. If the games are available online, IMDA will block access to them.


3      However, regulation is not the only solution. Public education is key to addressing the problem. Organisations such as Fei Yue Community Services, TOUCH Community Services and Montfort Care have programmes to help children and youths combat gaming addiction and encourage responsible use of digital technology. They also offer counselling and parental support services. In addition, the Media Literacy Council (MLC) has developed outreach programmes, such as the Better Internet Campaign and cyber-wellness workshops, to reach out to different stakeholders and raise awareness on cyber wellness and the risks of online gaming addiction.