Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-charge of Cybersecurity, will visit Canberra, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand from 26 to 30 March 2018.

2   In Canberra, Minister Yaacob will call on Mr Angus Taylor, the Australian Minister for Cybersecurity, and meet counterparts overseeing cyber security, to discuss strategies and partnerships between the two countries to strengthen this strategic area. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have identified cyber security as a key area for close cooperation at the recent ASEAN-Australia Special Summit. 

3   Minister Yaacob will also meet the Australian counterparts overseeing infocomm media, digital economy, libraries and archives, and digital transformation, to exchange learning points.

4   In Wellington, Minister Yaacob will call on Ms Clare Curran, New Zealand’s Minster of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media, to discuss cyber security cooperation, and exchange views on digital economy and addressing deliberate online falsehoods. 

5   Minister Yaacob will also call on Ms Tracey Martin, New Zealand’s Minister of Internal Affairs, to discuss ongoing cooperation, including the National Library Board’s Agreement on Cooperation with the National Library of New Zealand. They will also discuss plans to enhance the libraries’ bilateral knowledge sharing and collaborations. 

6   Minister Yaacob will be accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Communications and Information, the Cyber Security Agency and the National Library Board.