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1. Riding on the success of the popular retro-themed Chinese variety series “Happy Great World”《欢喜大世界》in 2020, the series will return with season 2, “Happy Great World 2”《欢喜大世界 2》, from 21 November 2021 to 30 January 2022 on an all-new timebelt every Sunday from 9pm to 10pm on Mediacorp’s Channel 8.

2. Season 2 sees the return of the star-studded cast that includes familiar faces like Zheng Ge Ping, Cavin Soh, Chen Han Wei, Michelle Tay and Lin Ru Ping , and also a brand new “Happy Studio” segment where veteran artistes like Chen Li Ping, Xiang Yun, Pan Ling Ling and Zhu Hou Ren will be invited to talk about familiar dramas such as Holland Village and Unbeatables. Inspired by the “Great World” Amusement Park in the 1970s-80s, viewers can reminisce or learn more about the good old days, while gaining informative knowledge through interactive game segments.

3. Hosted by Kym Ng, Pornsak, Kele and Marcus Chin, popular artistes such as Chen Shu Cheng, Felicia Chin, Shaun Chen, Tosh Zhang and Jeremy Chan will be invited to share their thoughts on various current affairs issues concerning Singaporeans, especially the Merdeka Generation. Viewers can expect to see artistes of more diverse backgrounds and ages. 

a) In the “Happy Get Together” segment, viewers will learn more about useful topics such as financial security in old age, healthcare affordability, mental health, cost of living and support for low-wage workers through an interactive and relatable chitchat format. 

b) In the “Happy Foodie” segment, celebrity chefs such as Chef Eric Teo and Chef Juliana, will make guest appearances and share tips on healthy cooking against a new backdrop that will evoke memories. 

c) Under the refreshed “Happy Studio” segment, young singers such as Desmond Ng, Stella Vee and Lim Tay Peng will conclude each episode by performing renewed versions of classic songs from familiar dramas in the presence of veteran artistes, bringing back nostalgic memories and fostering inter-generational sharing. 

Entertaining, informative and relatable content for seniors 

4. A collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and Mediacorp, “Happy Great World”《欢喜大世界》is part of the MCI’s continuous efforts to keep seniors and families updated about key Government initiatives and support measures through talk show and interactive game segments. 

5. Launched in November 2020, the first season had successfully attracted around 497,000 TV viewers (P15+) per episode. MCI’s surveys found that the series led to an increase in awareness of Government initiatives and schemes, such as healthcare, retirement and jobs support.

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6. “There are many Government schemes and policies which benefit seniors and their family members, and this series allows them to learn more about these initiatives with an engaging approach that will aid their understanding. In addition, the refreshed ‘Happy Studio’ segment will provide a wonderful dose of nostalgia. We hope they will enjoy watching this new season of Happy Great World, together with their family members,” says Soffy Hariyanti, Director, Campaigns and Production Department, Ministry of Communications and Information.

7. “We are delighted to be collaborating with MCI once again to bring quality content across our platforms to our audiences. With this second season, we will reprise the well-received combination of discussing current topics and gaining tips shared by experts in a dynamic infotainment format, and leverage the star power and appeal of popular artistes and celebrity chefs to bring fun-filled Sunday nights to everyone. Viewers can also participate in our Watch and Win contests at the end of every episode and stand a chance to win exclusive Happy Great World collectibles,” says Simone Lum, Head, Chinese Audience, Mediacorp.

8. Viewers can catch up on the series on Gov.sg Facebook and YouTube channels and meWATCH.

Series Synopsis 
Happy Great World 2
Premieres 21 November 2021, every Sunday, 9pm on Channel 8

Available on demand for free on meWATCH and
Gov.sg Facebook/YouTube channel
Happy Great World 2《欢喜大世界 2》 
No. of Episode 集数  : 11 eps x 60mins 
Host 主持人 : Marcus Chin 陈建彬, Kym Ng 鐘琴, Pornsak and Kele 阳光可乐 


Happy Great World is an infotainment programme inspired by the “Great World” Amusement Park in the 70s-80s. With a strong nostalgic atmosphere, the audience can reminisce about the good times of childhood and at the same time, increase their knowledge through different segments. 

In the first segment - Happy Foodie, different celebrity chefs will make guest appearances to cook a special dish of their choice. Two groups of guests will then answer a set of questions, for instance 
food related trivia. The winning team is awarded the privilege of tasting the dishes prepared by the celebrity chefs. 

In the second segment also known as Happy Get Together, guests will share their opinions on various topics, and in the last segment – Happy Studio will feature artistes and young singers performing new renditions of theme songs from classic local dramas. Artistes from the dramas will bring us back to the good old days by sharing interesting moments behind the scene, with classic drama song covers by local rising musicians. 
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