Data Protection Appeal Panel

Please refer to the Personal Data Protection (Appeal) Regulations 2021 for more information on the process and procedures for appeals. 

Submission of Appeal

All appeals must be submitted within 28 days after the issuance of PDPC’s direction or decision. Appeals submitted after this time will not be accepted.

All appeals should be made using the Notice of Appeal form. Please note that any accompanying documents submitted as part of the appeal will not be returned. Parties must ensure that they complete the Notice of Appeal form accurately and submit this, together with the appropriate filing fee, within the stipulated 28-day time frame. Late and/or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Where relevant, parties may be required to submit the following forms:

1. Notice of Service
2. Summoning of witnesses

Parties can use their own format for all other submissions so long as all information required is included.

Please send the Notice of Appeal, the relevant filing fee and other documentation in person and attention to:

The Secretary to the Data Protection Appeal Panel
140 Hill Street
#01-01A, Old Hill Street Police Station
Ministry of Communications and Information
Singapore 179369

Only cheque payments will be accepted. All cheques should be made payable to Ministry of Communications and Information. 

More Information

For more information, you can refer to:

1. Personal Data Protection Act

Queries on the appeal process may be sent to