Parliament Sitting on 5 July 2021


76. Miss Rachel Ong: To ask the Minister for Communications and Information since the launch of the Hawkers Go Digital programme till now, what is the percentage of hawkers aged 60 years and above who have registered for the programme.


Since the launch of the Hawkers Go Digital programme in June 2020, more than half of 18,000 stallholders in hawker centers, coffee shops and industrial canteens now offer e-payment solutions. Amongst hawkers aged 60 and above located in hawker centres administered by the National Environment Agency (including cooked food and markets stalls), 47% have adopted e-payment. The SG Digital Office will continue to support all hawkers to tap on the Hawkers Go Digital initiatives, and to adopt online food delivery solutions as part of the Singapore Together Alliance for Action – Online Ordering for Hawkers, which was launched on 17 June 2021.