Joint Press Release by Mediacorp and Ministry of Communications and Information

HT 1

1 In collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), Mediacorp will be launching a dialect variety programme “Happy Together” or 《欢喜一家亲》 to engage seniors. The programme will feature a dialect sitcom, a first for our seniors. The programme will telecast on Channel 8 every Friday, 11.30am to 12.30pm, from 8 October to 10 December 2021. 

2 To promote lifelong learning and empower seniors to stay healthy and active in their golden years, each episode of the 10-part programme will spotlight a theme relevant to seniors’ everyday lives, such as digital literacy, going green or avoiding scams. Bite-sized information on Government initiatives and tips will be weaved in through a mix of humour, drama and a dose of competition. 

3 Featuring local personalities familiar to seniors, the 10-episode programme has three segments to encourage active ageing. The anchor segment will be Mediacorp’s first dialect sitcom Comb Together, along with lifestyle segments Happy Academy, and I Can Cook, So Can You!. 

First Dialect Sitcom - “Comb Together”HT 2

4 Anchoring the programme is the first-ever dialect sitcom in Singapore revolving around a heartland hair salon, which showcases stories of its customers in humorous and relatable everyday scenarios. Viewers can glean useful information on government initiatives such as COVID-19 vaccination, Merdeka Generation Package and support measures for cost of living. Comb Together stars popular local artistes such as Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Hazelle Teo, Ho Ai Ling, Marcus Chin and Lee Teng.

Info-Ed with Gamification - Happy Academy
HT 3

5 Happy Academy pits veteran artistes Liu Lingling and Richard Low against each other as they learn new skills from younger experts and go through weekly challenges. Viewers can take the opportunity to learn practical skills alongside the artistes, such as using e-payment apps to buy food, decluttering and organising their homes, and even urban farming! 

Competitive cooking reality TV -  I Can Cook, So Can You!
HT 4
6 In I Can Cook, So Can You!, this competitive cooking show cum reality TV style segment shows three seniors learning to cook from celebrity chef Teo Yeow Siang and competing with each other. Viewers can follow the seniors’ learning journeys and pick up healthy eating and cooking tips. Special guest Chef Eric Teo also makes surprise appearances and conducts “mid-term” and “final-term” tests on the seniors.

Happy Together《欢喜一家亲》

播出日期 / Duration :2021年10月8日至2021年12月10日 / 8 Oct 2021 – 10 Dec 2021
时段 / Time :每逢星期五上午11点30分 / Every Fri, 11.30am
集数 / No. of Episode :10
类型 / Genre :杂志类综艺节目 / Entertainment 
方言 / Dialect :福建、广东、潮州 / Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew


Programme Synopsis

Mediacorp’s Channel 8 and the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) present all-new informative entertainment show for the elderly, Happy Together! This dialect variety programme comprises three entertaining segments that bring laughter and useful information to viewers.

单元介绍Introduction of Segment

Happy Together《欢喜一家亲》  

Comb Together《邻里美发院》


Revolving around a heartland hair salon, its customers and neighbours, Comb Together showcases the stories of its customers and neighbors in humorous and relatable everyday scenarios. While following the sitcom’s storyline, viewers can also look out for useful information relevant to their daily lives.

李国煌Mark Lee
陈建彬 Marcus Chin
程旭辉 Henry Thia
何爱玲 Ho Ai Ling
郑荔分 Michelle Tay
李腾Lee Teng
陈丽贞 Aileen Tan
张颖双Hazelle Teo
苏梽诚 Cavin Soh
洪慧芳Hong Hui Fang
孔祥德 Douglas Kung


Happy Academy 《乐龄学本领》

Host: 刘玲玲 Liu Ling Ling and 刘谦益 Richard Low


Viewers can learn practical skills alongside hosts Liu Ling Ling and Richard Low, and watch as they put their new skills to the test through weekly challenges.

I Can Cook, So Can You!《欢喜来做菜》

Host: 苏梽诚 Cavin Soh
Chef: Chef Siang 张耀祥 / Chef Eric Teo 张添来
Three Seniors: 吴悦娟, Robert, 林麗卿

每一集将有三位不太会下厨的朋友来向名厨学烹饪!连续10集的过程中一起见证他们的学厨之旅和成长!名厨也将示范一道简单美味的家常菜和分享各种烹饪小贴士。3位学徒之后就要自己完成这道料理!单元也请来特别嘉宾 Chef Eric Teo突访三位学徒,并以中期和终期烹饪测试,考一考他们!

Three seniors with little cooking expertise learn from celebrity chef Teo Yeow Siang. Viewers can follow their learning journeys and pick up healthy eating and cooking tips.

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