A battle hardened chicken, a vengeful rabbit, and a sword-wielding magician are not your average Singaporeans. Indeed, these are some Made-in-Singapore heroes who are fronting our local gaming industry—a thriving community that has successfully put Singapore on the global gaming map. Here are five heroes who come from games that have won awards as well as rave reviews and legions of gamers for their developers. Read their backstories and our assessment of what’s uniquely Singaporean about them.


1.    Hardboiled Chicken
from Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
by Ratloop Asia

As his name suggests, this is one tough fowl fighting to free the citizens of Albatropolis from the dictator Putzki and his evil penguin army. Armed with a variety of weapons, the bandana-wearing Hardboiled guns down enemies and solves puzzles in this cinematic adventure that is certainly no game for chickens. He even does what chickens can’t: fly - thanks to a rocket. The developer confesses Hardboiled was no doubt inspired by Singaporeans’ love for chicken rice (poached, not hardboiled). For us, Hardboiled’s resilience in overcoming his lack of natural resources (flying) echoes the Singapore story too!


2.    Cicero Gavar
from Masquerada: Songs and Shadows
by Witching Hour Studios

Play as this police inspector to uncover the truth behind the kidnapping of a diplomat in the Venetian-styled city of Ombre. In this fantasy game of political intrigue, Cicero finds himself navigating a multicultural society torn apart by inequality as its inhabitants are engaged in a prolonged civil war for masks that give its wielders the power to cast magic. This dystopian narrative set in a coastal city is premised on ominous speculations of what could go wrong in Singapore—an inspiration that the developer has acknowledged in several interviews.


photo 1

3.    Pixel People
from Pixel People
by LambdaMu Games

Welcome to Utopia, where players create a city by designing the residents living in it. Mix and match the DNA and skills of clones entering this new world to cultivate a diverse workforce who then help build up the city. Beginning with a mayor and a mechanic, players gradually grow a population of over 300 professions (including pets!). Over time, new jobs have been added including a recent “hipster” update that introduced less mainstream jobs. Growing a population, matching them to jobs, and building a city together—it’s all in the day’s work of the Singapore government.


Holy Potatoes 

4.    Potato Smith
from Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!
by Daylight Studios

This potato turned weapons-maker invents and makes weapons for his potato hero clients in order to earn enough money to win back his late grandfather’s shop. Only by constantly coming up with better and more effective weapons, can Potato Smith win the loyalty of his customers, and of course, profits! Scratch beneath this game’s wacky premise and realise this is all about entrepreneurship—a much sought after trait in Singapore these days. Whether it is creating weapons or even this game, we need more entrepreneurial Potato Smiths to keep our economy going!



5.    Dusty
from Dusty Revenge: Co-Op Edition
by PD Design Studio

“So cute” is probably the last thing to call this rabbit seeking revenge for the death of his loved one. Dusty is a pistol-wielding rabbit who slashes rats, cows and hippos in a steampunk Western universe, and can even parachute into action with his exceptionally long bunny ears. Supported by a sniper dog and mortar-toting bear as sidekicks, this unlikely co-operative of animals perhaps alludes to how Singapore’s different races work together by tapping on one another’s skills. Like Dusty, Singapore can seem no-nonsense, but it’s all motivated by love, really. 


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