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#SMETowKay Regional Investigation & Security Services has ramped up its productivity since introducing a digital solution that automates many of its processes.



When security officers from local SME Regional Investigation & Security Services did their patrols at the condominiums they serviced, they used to fill out a form whenever they encountered incidents such as vandalism or illegal parking.


Upon receipt of the form or report, a manager from the company’s operations room would then have to visit the site of the incident. Such manual reporting was not only tedious, but delayed the time for corrective action to be taken.


This all changed when the firm adopted a digital solution called iREP, a mobile management, maintenance tracking and monitoring system that allows users to input a variety of information – from photos and reports to attendance records. This is then uploaded in real-time to a cloud system that can be accessed and monitored remotely at a command centre.


Each officer is issued an Near Field Communications Field (NFC)-enabled mobile phone pre-installed with the iREP mobile app. The mobile app gathers data from the NFC tags at the security checkpoints and sends it to the iREP web platform, which can then be accessed by the operations manager from the security office immediately.



“With iREP, our officer can capture images with time stamps of incidents and occurrences, file their reports from their mobile devices and submit to our operations room staff for attention. These reports will then be emailed immediately to the condominium’s managing agents for their attention,” said Ms Beulah AR, managing director at Regional Investigation & Security Services. “The mobile app lightens the workload of our operations staff as managers can verify incidents remotely without having to travel to the site, saving costs and improving efficiency,” she added.


Besides incident reporting, the firm uses the system to help automate a host of tasks, from visitor management to taking staff attendance. Previously, the company would have to verify the daily attendance of its security officers by making phone calls or physically visiting the guard posts at the condominiums.


With iREP, managers can also monitor the daily deployment of manpower remotely and in real-time as officers log into the system with their personal details and photos. Overall, the system has helped the company reduce its operating costs and boost its productivity. It has also helped the company respond faster to its clients’ needs and better fulfil its contractual obligations.



“The system gives you a transparent view of the work being done at our field sites – iREP is an intelligent monitoring system that offers proof of attendance and quality assurance,” explained Ms Beulah.


The company discovered the system when it was searching for a vendor that could provide solutions to improve its operational efficiency. It eventually chose iREP, developed by local technology firm Gabkotech Innovations, as its applications are designed specifically for security companies.


Through Gabkotech, Regional Investigation & Security Services also received funding from IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital programme, which helped offset the cost of implementing iREP.


On the back of iREP’s success, the company is now exploring the use of other digital technologies. These include a visual analytics solution for visitor management that can effectively monitor people who visit various condominium premises. Said Ms Beulah: “With such a system, you know exactly who is on the premises and alerts can be sent to prevent blacklisted individuals entering the compound. It tightens our security efforts because officers can contact the management directly and actions can be taken immediately.”



Under the programme, SMEs can access a number of pre-approved digital solutions to support their businesses. The technology packages cover a range of industries, including healthcare, food and beverage, manufacturing, construction and logistics. SMEs can receive funding support of up to 70 per cent, capped at S$300,000 per company, when adopting a solution under the initiative. Interested to know more? Visit SMEs Go Digital Programme 


For more information on pre-approved digital solutions supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant, visit Tech Depot at SME Portal.


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