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Have you ever lost a sale because your customer couldn’t find what they were looking for? Are you worried about the security of your brick-and-mortar store?

It’s time to recapture your customers with these business solutions designed to elevate customer experience and keep them coming back for more. 


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What it is: An intelligent visual search and recognition technology

Helps with: Search by image, visual commerce platform, automated product tagging, visually similar product recommendation

Who’s already using it:
Uniqlo, Zalora, ASOS, Reebonz, HipVan, Goodrich

Why we love it: It’s an app you can trust – ViSenze is certified by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) through its Accreditation@SGD programme. It also has global support with USD 14 million of funding raised since 2012.

Developed by local tech startup, ViSenze, their software uses intelligent visual search and recognition technology to allow your customers to search for items they want to buy using images taken with their mobile phones. It can be applied to various verticals such as fashion, jewellery, furniture and intellectual property. 

By integrating the ViSenze visual commerce application into your online e-commerce site, customers can easily use the visual search function to look for the exact product or similar items. The integration also provides customers a personalised discovery experience by showing visually similar products and intelligent recommendations based on what other shoppers are checking out.

The visual recognition technology also comes with its own security measures which filters unsafe or inappropriate images to ensure safe brand advertising. The software is fully-automated, scalable, and can interpret a whole host of items including labels, logos, bags, dresses, and even patterns in fabrics and art. Your customers need not worry about not having the name or brand of the product that they are looking for!

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What it is: A local business software that simplifies and automates retail operation processes

Helps with: Customer booking and scheduling, automated processes, employee management and coordination, billing, marketing, mobile integration

Who’s already using it:
Globe Fresh Cool Services, PassionAir M&E Pte Ltd, Killem Pest Control Services, Vertical Green Pte Ltd, Khind Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Why we love it: Serv is perfect for SMEs who are looking to implement better solutions for their businesses. It’s prequalified by SPRING Singapore (now known as Enterprise Singapore) and eligible for funding support through the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) grant.

With the software’s assistance, retailers can lower operating costs, improve customer relations and increase productivity. This is especially useful for industries offering services in landscaping, security systems, cleaning, plumbing, laundry, electrical and pest control.

The Serv system acts as an all-in-one control centre where you can set up automated booking reminders, access customer’s online bookings and schedules, and personalise services and promotions that cater to customers’ preferences. 

The system also tracks and manages employees’ schedules and assignments, allowing you to allocate work better and improve efficiency. 

Serv also has a powerful built-in billing system that lets you create one-time and/or recurring charges and other billing arrangements to streamline your billing processes.

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What it is: The Abnormality Recognition Video Analytics Systems or ARVAS, is a real-time smart surveillance system that uses machine intelligence and big data analysis

Helps with:
Security and surveillance, building management and public spaces, organisation safety, operations and maintenance

Who’s already using it:
Sentosa, ICA Singapore, Huawei, CCR Brazil, ITE

Why we love it:
Set up in 2015, ARVAS provides an easier and more efficient way to maximise surveillance cameras. It is supported by IMDA, having been awarded the Accreditation@SG Digital. The company has also expanded its operations to North America with plans to enter Europe in the near future.

ARVAS is an award-winning software, developed by Singapore-based surveillance company Vi Dimensions. It won gold in the Merlion Awards, Safety & Security Asia 2018, it’s one of only four companies awarded a IMDA-MHA grant in the Call for Innovative Security Solutions in October 2018, and one in only three companies worldwide inducted into Nvidia's Metropolis programme and listed under Anomaly Detection using Video Analytics/AI.

Once integrated into your existing camera system, ARVAS sets to work by identifying patterns and highlighting anomalies using its patented algorithms and proprietary unsupervised Machine Learning techniques, which gives an alert once something is amiss. 

This means that security officers no longer need to face CCTV screens for long hours and one security officer can manage hundreds cameras at once without missing crucial information. By optimising and automating the screening process for menial tasks, security manpower can move on to more important and high value operational tasks.

With ARVAS, brick-and-mortar retail stores can have a more efficient way of monitoring and detecting safety and operational behaviours such as break-ins and robberies, falls, arson, fights, general unusual behaviours, and undesirable public behaviours. The software is also fully adaptable for use in other industries such as transportation, hotels, environment, and homeland security.

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Collection & Delivery Management System (CDMS)

What it is: A collection and delivery management system solution that is cost effective, self-learning and easy-to-use

Helps with:
Driver location and capacity racking, navigation, reporting, information intelligence, collection and delivery verification, minimising product loss and wrong delivery

Who’s already using it:
Schenker Singapore (Pte) Ltd, Astro Express Logistics Pte Ltd, Quantum Safety Network Pte Ltd, J.Keart Alliances Pte Ltd, Star Furtniture Group, Distglobal Pte Ltd

Why we love it:
It’s a software developed to help companies optimise their collection and delivery operations. There is also 57 per cent funding available from Enterprise Singapore for SMEs!

Designed by the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) to help companies that face challenges in courier and logistics such as inefficiencies, inaccuracy, tracking, and loss of packages. The software promises to reduce costs, time and effort by 20 per cent, and increase collection and delivery reliability by up to 30 per cent.

To help companies set up a solid collection and delivery infrastructure, the system comes with both hardware and software components. Aside from the software and server, you will also be provided with everything you need including RFID/NFC/QR labels, smartphones and RFID reader adaptors, a notebook PC, and a RFID/barcode printer.

Using the system’s network of cloud server and mobile apps, retailers are now able to efficiently request for delivery tasks, assign delivery jobs, track driver location and capacity, and check delivery destinations, schedules and status. The mobile app also makes it easier for drivers to verify goods as everything is updated real-time on the server, minising product loss and wrong delivery.

For more information on pre-approved solutions supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant, visit GoBusiness Gov Assist

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