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Get Digitally Ready

Here are some government resources and initiatives to help you with your digital journey.

  • free_20internet_20access_20at_20community_20centreFree Internet Access at CitizenConnect Centres for Government Transactions

    Over 25 CitizenConnect Centres located at various community clubs or centres islandwide aim to provide an easy and convenient means for the public to transact with the Government through the internet. It offers free access to internet-enabled computing devices, with staff on-hand to help citizens and residents access to perform online transactions.

    For more information, visit CitizenConnect. Alternatively, you may email info@tech.gov.sg or call 6211 2100.

  • free_20internet_20access_20at_20public_20librariesFree Internet Access at Public Libraries

    Eligible individuals can get one hour of free internet access daily at any of the multimedia stations in our public libraries (except library@chinatown and library@orchard). Visit our public libraries to find out more!

    Who is eligible?

    1.     Singapore Citizens OR Permanent Resident
    2.     Aged 50 and above

    Click here for more information. Alternatively, you may email enquiry@nlb.gov.sg, or call 6332 3255.

  • Compressed_SubsidisedFibreBroadbandConnectivity186HSubsidised Fibre Broadband Connectivity

    Home Access provides eligible Singaporean families with 2 years of subsidised fibre broadband connectivity. Families without full-time student may choose to bundle the broadband, with a tablet or smartphone.

    Who is eligible?

    1. Total monthly Gross Household Income ≤ $1900 OR Per Capita Income ≤ $650
    2. With at least one family member staying at the same residental address who is a Singapore Citizen
    3. Stays in HDB flat
    4. Neither an existing Home Access beneficiary NOR an existing NEU PC Plus beneficiary with broadband connectivity*

    *The NEU PC Plus Programme offers students and persons with disabilities from low income households the opportunity to own a brand new computer bundled with three years of free broadband, at an affordable price.

    Click here for more information. Alternatively, you may email digitalaccess@imda.gov.sg or call 6377 3800.

  • Compressed_SubsidiesForPersonsWithDisabilities186HSubsidies for Persons with Disabilities

    The Assistive Technology Fund (ATF) provides subsidies for persons with disabilities to purchase assistive technology devices to enable independent living.

    Applicants can approach their social workers or therapists from touchpoints such as hospitals or Voluntary Welfare Organisations for assessment and assistance on suitable devices.

    Successful applicants qualify for a subsidy of up to 90% of the cost of the required equipment, subject to a lifetime cap of $40,000. 

    Who is eligible?

    1.     Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents
    2. Certified to have a permanent disability
    3. Have undergone qualified assessor’s assessment to determine need and type of device(s)
    4. Household gross monthly income per person <=$1,800

    Call 1800 8585 885 to find out more.

  • Basic Digital Skills Curriculum Personal Digital Services Assistant

    Know someone who constantly asks for help on how to use their smartphone or laptop? With the launch of Tech Connect’s one-on-one service to help residents use digital devices and online services, it’s easy for anyone, particularly seniors, to learn how to be tech-savvy and get prompt advice from trained People’s Association (PA) staff (also known as Tech Connect Kakis).


    The initiative aims to reduce the barriers to learning technology so that everyone can embrace and benefit from digitalisation. The service is currently available at the following eight community clubs around Singapore, no appointment is required for this over-the-counter service, and PA staff will attend to users on a first-come, first-served basis.

    1. West Coast
    2. Ulu Pandan
    3. Bedok
    4. Our Tampines Hub (at its PA service counter)
    5. Chua Chu Kang
    6. Radin Mas
    7. Kampong Chai Chee
    8. Punggol Vista

  • WirelessSGWireless@SG

    The Wireless@SG programme by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) provides free Wi-Fi services in public spaces, in collaboration with venue owners and service providers.

    For more information, visit Wireless@SG. Alternatively, you may email info@imda.gov.sg, or call 6377 3255.

  • Learning Journey IconLearning Journeys

    SG Digital Office’s Learning Journeys comprise of interactive group learning sessions that help seniors learn basic digital skills under the guidance of Digital Ambassadors. These skills align with common everyday activities including, making transactions or e-payments online, reading e-newspapers, scanning QR codes and more.

    For more information, visit Learning Journeys. Alternatively, you may email info@imda.gov.sg or call 6377 3800.

  • bite-sized_20it_20coursesBite-sized IT Courses

    Targeted at Singaporeans and PRs, aged 50 years and above, the People’s Association Senior Academy’s ‘Seniors for Smart Nation’ programme provides bite-sized and diverse IT courses in areas such as mobile applications, social media, IT software, photography and videography.

    Examples of these courses include ‘Transportation at your Fingertips’, ‘Understanding Microsoft Excel’, ‘Photoshop Fundamentals’, and ‘Youtube Video Production’. 

    There are also e-payment courses such as ‘Introduction to Digital Banking’, ‘Shop and Pay Online’, and ‘Guide to Cashless Payments’.

    The courses are offered at 20 community centres/clubs island-wide to enable seniors to be Smart Nation ready.

    Participants may tap on their SkillsFuture Credit to sign up for the ‘Seniors for Smart Nation’ courses.

    Who is eligible?

    1. Singaporean Citizens OR Permanent Residents
    2. Course fees start at $10 for people aged 50 years and above, and $20 for people below 50 years old.

    For more information, email PA_Lifeskills_Lifestyle@pa.gov.sg or call 8344 4129 / 9081 5580.

  • GoSafeOnlineGosafeonline

    Gosafeonline is an online portal providing cybersecurity tips and resources for individuals and businesses to become more cyber savvy. Learn how you can adopt better cyber hygiene practices as a business owners, employee, parent, student, or as a general internet user.

    For more information, visit Gosafeonline or email gosafeonline@csa.gov.sg.

  • media_20literacy_20councilMedia Literacy Council

    The Media Literacy Council aims to equip Singaporeans with the skills necessary to create, use and evaluate online content safely and effectively. It holds an annual Better Internet Campaign that raises public awareness on ways to stay safe, smart and kind online, covering issues such as cyber-bullying, cyber safety and security, and fake news.

    For more information, visit Media Literacy Council.

  • Compressed_MOECyberWellnessMOE Cyber Wellness Resources

    The Cyber Wellness resources in the Ministry of Education (MOE) Educational Technology Division’s ICT Connection website can be accessed by students, teachers and parents. This includes cyber wellness curriculum resources, just-in-time resources on the latest cyber trends and issues as well as useful tips and links.

    For more information, visit CyberWellness or email MOE_Cyber_Wellness@moe.gov.sg.

  • seniors_20smart_20phone_20workshopNorth East Eldersurf Intergen Bootcamp

    The North East Eldersurf Intergen Bootcamp by North East Community Development Council and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) aims to educate seniors on basic mobile device skills such as connecting to Wi-Fi, taking photos, messaging, and creating an Apple ID or Google account. To facilitate effective learning, participants will be divided into two classes - iOS and Android. Inter-generation bonding is also encouraged as students or youths will be paired up with the seniors as guides during the workshop.

    Who is eligible?

    1. Individuals aged 40 and above
    2.     Residing in North East district 

    For more information, email northeast_cdc@pa.gov.sg or call 6424 4000.

  • Digital PodsDigital Pods

    IMDA Digital Pods, is a series of 30-mins online learning sessions that individuals can tap on to expand their ongoing digital learning journeys online. Participants will learn a wide range of digital skills and tools that they can use for payment, entertainment and mobile accessibility, and photo/video edits. Tune into the free online sessions on every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm to 3.30pm or click here for more information on upcoming sessions of the Digital Pods.

    For more information, visit Digital Pods. Alternatively, you may email info@imda.gov.sg or call 6377 3800.

  • senior-friendly_20it_20learning_20hubsSenior-friendly IT Learning Hubs

    Silver Infocomm Junctions (SIJs) offer affordable and accessible infocomm courses in which seniors can learn the basics of using a mobile device and computer, as well as pick up useful cybersecurity tips. These senior-friendly IT learning hubs are conveniently located at over 30 locations islandwide, with some housed in community clubs or centres.

    The courses start from as low as $10 per hour and can be paid for using one’s SkillsFuture Credit.

    For more information, visit Silver Infocomm Junctions. Alternatively, you may email info@imda.gov.sg or call 6377 3800.

  • Compressed_STAR186HSeniors Tech and Read (STAR) at Public Libraries

    Seniors Tech and Read (STAR) is a one-to-one service conducted by volunteers. Participants may seek the assistance of a volunteer to read to them or enquire about library-related technology questions e.g. how to setup NLB Mobile app, create your myLibrary ID or set up Wireless@SG.

    Each session may last about 45 minutes long.

    Who is eligible?

    1. All who are aged 50 and above

    For more information, visit Go Library. Alternatively, you may email enquiry@nlb.gov.sg or call 6332 3255.

  • skillsfuture_20creditsSkillsFuture Credit

    SkillsFuture Credit aims to encourage individuals to take ownership of their skills development and lifelong learning. Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above have received an opening credit of S$500 since January 2016.The credits do not expire and they may look forward to receiving periodic top-ups.

    One may consider tapping on these credits to sign up for courses to learn new digital skills.

    For more information, visit SkillsFuture Credit or call 6785 5785.

  • skillsfuture_20for_20digital_20workplaceSkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW)

    The SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW) is a 2-day national training programme that aims to equip Singaporeans with foundational digital skills in key areas of mindset, data, technology and innovation, and prepare them for technological changes in their workforce and daily lives.

    The programme is designed to help all Singaporean adults, including those planning to return to the workforce. This two-day programme is priced at $50 (including GST).

    Who is eligible?

    1. Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents

    For more information, visit SFDW or call 6785 5785.

  • sure_20campaignS.U.R.E Campaign

    The S.U.R.E. campaign is an initiative by the National Library Board to promote the importance of information searching and discernment.

    While information literacy is not a new concern, it has become especially pertinent in this digital era where the Internet and social media floods us with a lot of content created by anyone. S.U.R.E. distils key information literacy concepts into four simple aspects:

    1. Source: Look at its origins. Is it trustworthy?
    2. Understand: Know what you’re reading. Search for clarity.
    3. Research: Dig deeper. Go beyond the initial source.
    4. Evaluate: Find the balance. Exercise fair judgment.

    For more information, visit S.U.R.E. Alternatively, you may email enquiry@nlb.gov.sg or call 6332 3255.

  • code_20for_20fun_20enrichment_20programmeCode for Fun Enrichment Programme

    The Code for Fun Enrichment Programme is offered to all students from primary and secondary schools, to increase their exposure to coding and computational thinking. The programme includes academic learning of related concepts using programming languages, such as Scratch, and combines this with robotic kits, such as Lego WeDo, MoWay, and microcontrollers, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, to create an engaging coding experience for the student.

    For more information, visit Code for Fun. Alternatively, you may email info@imda.gov.sg or call 6377 3800

  • digital_20maker_20programmeDigital Maker Programme

    The Digital Maker Programme aims to nurture a new generation of digital natives with a passion to create with technology by introducing a simple-to-use microcontroller called the “micro:bit”.

    The programme provides interested primary and secondary schools with educator’s workshops and micro:bits to incorporate digital making into their lessons and school programmes.

    For members of the public, you can attend introductory workshops which are held at various locations to learn how to create simple projects with technology. The programme is available at community clubs/centres such as Tanjong Pagar Community Club, PIXEL Labs@NLB, and various Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) technology outreach events.

    For more information, visit Digital Maker. Alternatively, you may email info@imda.gov.sg or call 6377 3800.

  • hands-on_20workshopsHands-On Workshops to Experiment with Technology

    PIXEL Labs@NLB, located at Jurong and Tampines Regional Libraries, offer library users a dedicated space with tools, equipment, and hardware kits that enable individuals to learn, create, invent, and share skills. In addition, there are also technology talks and crafting sessions for everyone, while students and families can participate in hands-on workshops and view technology showcases. 

    For more information, visit Go Library. Alternatively, you may email enquiry@nlb.gov.sg or call 6332 3255.

  • lab_20on_20wheelsLab on Wheels

    The Lab on Wheels aims to ignite passion for technology through introducing new and emerging technology. It brings future technology showcases and experiences to the community, to help them see the improvements that emerging technology can bring to their everyday lives.

    The Lab on Wheels also visits special needs schools and customises coding activities and workshops for students with special needs. 

    For more information, visit Lab on Wheels. Alternatively, you may email to info@imda.gov.sg or call 6377 3800.

  • experimental_20technologyTechShare at Public Libraries

    TechShare is a series of programmes for seniors to experience emerging technology. Seniors can try out robots, smart home technologies, Augmented Reality (AR) and other up and coming innovations in comfortable, senior-friendly sessions at various Public Libraries.  

    For more information, visit Go Library. Alternatively, you may email enquiry@nlb.gov.sg or call 6332 3255.

  • technology_20opportunities_20for_20persons_20with_Technology Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

    Tech Able, comprising of the Singtel Enabling Innovation Centre and the ST Engineering Enabling Technology Centre, is an integrated assistive technology space at the Enabling Village. It features a technology exhibition for persons with disabilities and provides them with assistive device assessment services. Persons with disabilities can find out about devices that will help them in their employment or daily activities.

    For more information, visit Tech Able. Alternatively, you may email techable@sgenable.sg or call 1800 8585 885.