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Live Savvy with Cybersecurity

It's a common misconception that cyber criminals only target public figures, governments and big companies. The reality is that everyone has something of value to a cyber criminal.


“Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar”

In support of the Let’s Beat Diabetes campaign, the Ministry of Communications and Information is launching a Lunar New Year Kungfu series, “Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar”, to remind the public to eat in moderation this festive season


[Feature] Five Cyber Security Tips: Secure It Like Your Home

Here are 5 cyber security tips to secure your personal data like what you would do for a home.


[Feature] Singapore on Screen

Over the last decade, Singapore has become a destination of choice for many filmmakers. Here are 11 locations in Singapore that have appeared in films of the 21st century.


[Feature] More Than Words

Good words or good sense? Speaking to a country with four official languages requires the work of highly skilled translators. We speak to 3 of our very own to find out more.


[Feature] 7 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do at Our Public Libraries

Whether you’re an entrepreneur working on your next big idea, a creative seeking inspiration, a senior keen to pick up new skills, or everyone else in between – here are seven things you can do at our public libraries.


[Feature] Honouring Ah Gong and Ah Ma

From getai songs to roadshows in the heartlands, a team at MCI tailored a public comms campaign to inform Pioneers about the Pioneer Generation Package. We speak to the officers to find out more about their experience.