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Know your privacy rights

Know your privacy rights

We give away information about ourselves all the time — sometimes unintentionally. So how can we ensure it is used for legitimate reasons?

SMETowkay  Using data to sow seeds of growth

#SMETowkay: Using data to sow seeds of growth

In less than 10 years, Gary Loh managed to turn around a fruit wholesaler that was close to bankruptcy and is well on his way to building “the Airbnb of the fruit industry”.

Doing good with data and tech

Doing good with data and tech

Two Singapore non-profit organisations help others with the power of information technology.

SMETowkay - Going Digital For Better Patient Care and Financial Health

#SMETowkay: Going digital for better patient care and financial health

Dr. Lye Tin Fong invested in Assurance Technology’s clinic management system to reduce excess expenditure while ensuring quality services.

IT Changed Her Retirement

IT changed her retirement

"I touch all the buttons to find out what they do," said Yeo Beng Choon who cannot imagine her retirement without a smartphone.

Kickstarting design careers

Kickstarting design careers

Launchpad by National University of Singapore offers young designers an opportunity to become entrepreneurs.

SMETowkay - Forging ahead with technology

#SMETowkay: Forging ahead with technology

To better manage overheads, Koh leveraged on technology that kept a close eye on critical financial numbers such as labour costs and inventory.

SMETowkay - Stocking up for growth -1

#SMETowkay: Stocking up for growth

Struggling to keep up with customer orders and inventory levels, Angela Sim and Lynn Teo turned to technology to realise their company’s full potential.

Passion made possible with TeSA-1

Passion made possible with TeSA

Thanks to the Tech Skills Accelerator (TeSA), Mr Heng Yong Sheng managed to turn his love for data science into a new career, helping patients to receive better quality care.