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MCI Workplan Seminar 2017

The importance of enabling Singaporeans to become digitally ready is to first have access to technology that can improve their lives, to be able to understand and use technology confidently, and to embrace technology in various aspects of their lives, whether in pursuing their hobbies or connecting with communities. Click here to learn more!

1-Crowdsourcing Life Savers

5 ways GovTech is making Singapore a Smart Nation

From crowdsourcing life savers to having a finger on the pulse of the economy, here are 5 projects every Smart Citizen should know


MCI Budget Debates 2017

The digital economy is the next phase of growth for Singapore and the infocomm media and design sectors are key engines to support it. We will continue to develop manpower capabilities, prepare our workforce for technological changes, and ensure that Singapore and Singaporeans are ready for the digital future. This year, our key focus will be to help companies build strong digital capabilities. Click here to learn more!


Live Savvy with Cybersecurity

It's a common misconception that cyber criminals only target public figures, governments and big companies. The reality is that everyone has something of value to a cyber criminal.


[Feature] Singapore on Screen

Over the last decade, Singapore has become a destination of choice for many filmmakers. Here are 11 locations in Singapore that have appeared in films of the 21st century.


[Feature] More Than Words

Good words or good sense? Speaking to a country with four official languages requires the work of highly skilled translators. We speak to 3 of our very own to find out more.


[Feature] 7 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do at Our Public Libraries

Whether you’re an entrepreneur working on your next big idea, a creative seeking inspiration, a senior keen to pick up new skills, or everyone else in between – here are seven things you can do at our public libraries.