Ibu Rini Soemarno, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Republic of Indonesia

His Excellency, I Gede Ngurah Swajaya, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Singapore

Bapak Teguh Juwarno, The Honourable Chairman of Commission VI, The House of Representatives Republic of Indonesia, and Deputy Chairman to the Indonesian Delegation

Bapak Alex Sinaga, CEO, Telkom Group 

Ibu Septika Widyasrini, CEO, Telin Singapore

Distinguished guests

Ladies and gentlemen


Thank you very much for inviting me here, I am delighted to be here to join for the launch of Telin’s latest data centre here in Singapore, especially when I hear it has only been 18 months since the groundbreaking.

Strong partners with Indonesia

2 Our countries enjoy very good relations, deep economic ties and firm friendships. Our bilateral trade is in excess of US$50 billion1. We have large flows of investments and tourists in both directions, and our ties go from large to personal.

3 Our leaders had a retreat, signing four MOUs last week covering hospitality and tourism; smart city development in Makassar; developing joint capabilities in the digital economy; and very importantly, to further strengthen business ties with the setting up of Indonesia-Singapore Business Council.

4 We cooperate on many fronts and two examples that highlight how deep and how strong our ties are: One, in the realm of culture - we have the Fiesta Muzik, our Mediacorp’s Suria cooperates, collaborates and partners with TVRI to develop a show where works and composers from both countries are highlighted.

5 We also have, in a very different way, seven sub-sea cables highlighting our physical and information connectivity between the two countries. 

6 I echo Ibu Rini’s hopes for deeper ties and more cooperation between our two countries, as this will allow us to grow our media and ICT sectors. 

Opportunities for Data and Data Centres in a digital economy  

7 I visited Jakarta’s Smart City Lounge in March this year in order to understand how Jakarta makes use of data to identify issues and improves the lives of its citizens in the hope that some of the lessons learnt from that visit can be used in Singapore.

8 This is an example of how data flows and technology are going to define our economies – both on a municipal level and global level. Generating, understanding, analysing and manipulating data are going to be a key asset and a competitive advantage, you know this that is why you are here today. This will become a key modality of unlocking value and opportunity, we understand this in Singapore and understand that this can change the way we do business and change the type of businesses we have to do.

9 We have our Committee on Future Economy analysing some of the structures, challenges and opportunities. I have the privilege to chair a sub-group on Deep Dive in Disruptive Technologies and one of our focus areas is particularly what you are interested in – data science and data analytics. 

10 We see that having data centres, as well as the capability to maximise the use of data, can enable downstream development and allow companies to grow their cloud capability very quickly and to develop their content provision much faster. More importantly, to scale up internationally and expand quickly as such investments and opportunities create jobs.

11 There are many ways to leverage on data and data science to drive our mutual growth and cooperation to benefit both our countries. I am very happy to have Indonesia and Singapore house the new data centre of Telin-3 here at our data centre park, a joint project by the Economic Development Board, Jurong Town Council and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). 

12 It highlights the complexities of a project like data centre park bringing together a multitude of agencies looking into infrastructure, connectivity and regulatory issues. More importantly, the partners that come together to make it a reality like Telin-3. The infrastructure, space and connectivity are only the start, it is being able to attract others who are committed to the space that will make it come alive and make it an opportunity for everyone who wants to get involved.

13 Telin-3 is here and it addresses a very real demand for premium data centre services in Singapore and the world, and it will serve as a very important hub for the Telkom Group.


14 Once again, I would like to thank Ibu Rini for joining us here in Singapore to grace this occasion and signify the commitment to this joint effort of both countries. I echo all her calls for a deeper cooperation to unlock that opportunity. 

15 My deepest congratulations to the Telkom Group and to Telin-3 on the opening of this cutting edge data centre here in Singapore. 

16 Thank you very much.

[1] https://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/mfa/countries_and_region/southeast_asia/indonesia.html

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