Parliament Sitting on 1 April 2019


1204. Ms Joan Pereira:
To ask the Minister for Communications and Information with regard to the porting of telephone numbers (a) what is the time limit for telecommunications companies to complete the process; and (b) how should the costs of delays be distributed.


The timeframe for telephone number porting depends on the telephony service and type of customer involved. 

2 Operators are required to complete the porting of mobile telephone numbers within one working day. Operators are also required to complete fixed-line number porting for consumers within five working days.

3 A longer timeframe may apply in some instances. For example, where consumers are porting their fixed-line telephone number while also switching their fibre broadband provider, it would take at least an additional three working days for the incoming provider to activate fibre services before the number porting process can begin. 

4 If the number porting process takes longer than expected, the subscriber still receives services from the outgoing operator before the number is ported, and hence is charged fees under his/her contract. Subscribers who are aggrieved can nevertheless approach the relevant operator for recourse, including for an adjustment/waiver of the bill. IMDA will also step in to safeguard the consumer interest where necessary.




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