will launch two new media platforms - Telegram and Twitter - today. These platforms will complement its Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platforms and offer more options for the public to get information on COVID-19. 

New digital channels for COVID-19 updates

2. The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) uses social media and online channels to push important COVID-19 messages in a timely manner to the public. These include updates on cases, clarifications on misinformation as well as advisories on good hygiene practices and social responsibility. 

3. The WhatsApp channel pushes out daily updates on the situation in the four official languages. The subscribership to the channel has grown exponentially from 7,000 subscribers to over 900,000 subscribers in 10 weeks, as the COVID-19 situation evolves. We have also received encouraging feedback from the public on the usefulness and timeliness of information disseminated on the channel.  

4. To make the updates as widely available as possible, MCI will launch a new Telegram channel ( and a refresh of the Twitter channel ( These channels will disseminate the same COVID-19 messages carried on the WhatsApp channel.

5. Minister for Communications and Information, Mr S Iswaran said: “In a crisis such as COVID-19, it is important to broaden access to information across as many platforms as possible to reach the public with reliable, clear and timely information. We need the public to know what they need to do, respond calmly and do the right thing, as we collectively fight this COVID-19 outbreak.” 

6. The public can also access the COVID-19 website ( for articles, videos and resources on how they can protect themselves from the virus. Daily updates about the latest cases, and clarifications of misinformation through Factually, are also available.   

Enhancement to WhatsApp

7. With interest from overseas Singaporeans to sign up for WhatsApp, we have also enhanced the WhatsApp signup form to allow secure authentication using SingPass. This will enable overseas Singaporeans without a local number to subscribe to the WhatsApp channel and be kept updated about COVID-19 developments in Singapore. Visit to subscribe. 

Engaging content to reach out to Singaporeans 

8. MCI adopts a multi-platform, multi-language and multi-format approach to ensure that important information reaches different segments of our society. These include television, radio, print, digital display panels at HDB estates, and online platforms (websites, social media, WhatsApp). To ensure relevance for diverse audiences, MCI has also developed an array of content and programmes, to keep younger and older Singaporeans informed about COVID-19 developments. 

9. For example, MCI collaborated extensively with content creators and popular Mediacorp artistes to develop advisories, artiste-fronted interstitials and social media posts calling on the public to be socially responsible and practise good personal hygiene. Various partners have also offered publicity support to extend important COVID-19 messages to their audiences, such as National Healthcare Group, Singtel and StarHub.

10. To encourage older Singaporeans to stay active through home-based activities, MCI developed programmes to help seniors a) Learn – i.e. pick up new skills; b) Play – i.e. keep active and healthy through fitness exercises; and c) Transact – i.e. continue with daily activities through digital means. These include MCI’s collaboration with Mediacorp on “Get Fit With Me – Overcome COVID-19” and the collaboration with Singapore Press Holdings’ Chinese Media Group for the “Come n’ Live @” programmes which engaged seniors through fitness, cooking and singing demonstrations. Seniors can also tune into e-Getai shows, hosted by Getai veterans Lee Pei Fen and Wang Lei, to pick up tips on protecting themselves from COVID-19. More details on the various programmes are in the Annex A.

11. We have also created a number of bite-sized videos such as MCI’s “Singapore, Be Steady” music video and “Comedians Get Serious” video series leverage light-hearted humour and catchy jingles to encourage the public to do their part to contain the spread of the virus. Our “Together, We Can” music video uses an updated version of the iconic 1999 National Day Parade theme song “Together” to rally Singaporeans to band together their part. 

12. As the situation evolves rapidly locally and globally, MCI will continue to work with our partners to enhance our offerings so that Singaporeans remain informed, engaged and entertained as we ride through this trying period.  

13. Please refer to this infographic for our COVID-19 communications efforts.


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