Parliament Sitting on 4 May 2020


34. Ms Joan Pereira:
To ask the Minister for Communications and Information (a) over the past three years, how many complaints have been made by mobile customers receiving online betting messages; and (b) what can a mobile subscriber do to block out such messages.


At present, when the Police receives a complaint, they will note the offending phone number and take appropriate actions, such as follow-up investigations. Since May 2018, the Police has been working with the telcos to terminate phone numbers associated with illegal online betting activities. While the Police does not track the global number of complaints for online betting messages specifically, about 1,300 phone numbers have been terminated to date. These were identified through complaints by members of the public, or through investigations carried out by the Police.  

2. Mobile subscribers should block online betting messages they receive using the spam filtering functions on their phones or third party applications. In addition, they can report such messages to SPF’s I-Witness platform, the Police@sg mobile app, or via email. MCI and IMDA will also continue to work with MHA and the Police to counter SMSes promoting illicit activities including online betting.  

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